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Considerations For Dryers

Shanghai Toex Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2016

1) after a total power consumption of the washers and dryers, use a special socket, better not plug multiple socket. When the power is cut off, be careful to hold the plug and unplug, not trying to pull the power cord to avoid damage to plugs and wires connecting parts.
2) in order to avoid fire, an absolute prohibition on drying with a dry cleaning fluid, volatile oil and chemical solvents such as thinner clothes.
3) clothes after they fully and then into the dryer, this saves time, and saves. Do not allow water into the dryer, not to spray with water, otherwise easily lead to electric shock and cause damage to the dryer 4) in order to protect aging plastic deformation, do not fire close to the dryer, and do not use candles, mosquito coils on heat in the dryer.
5) clothes dryers shall before the debris taken to the net in your pocket in case matches, card issuers, coins and other objects into and scratch the drum or even cause a fire.
6) inlet at the back of the dryer with rotating blades, and articles cannot be hand reached into the suction port. To avoid danger, as shown in Figure 8,112.
7) use a dryer to install filters and timely clear filter on the hair. Missing or without filters will cause the dryer internal accumulation of dust, difficult to clean and can cause your dryer to work out.
8) sweaters, woolen clothing, towels, such as fuzzing, shrinkage of. Not suitable for 163 in a dryer. Touch paste, or starched clothes absolutely forbidden to dry or paste can clog the filter and cause failure.

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