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Spa Considerations

Shanghai Toex Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2016

Humanization of current General SPA Spa equipment is equipped with a number of entertainment facilities, such as: advanced audio, bar, can be used to warm the high level of family and friends party, can also be used for business activities of all kinds of leisure and entertainment.
SPA hydrotherapy equipment more focus on water quality, cleaning and maintenance problems, and solve the problems of this sector. Whirlpool bath after each use will leave a lot of dirt need to be cleaned, especially every few days to, sewage residue pipelines and equipment can produce bacteria. When you next use bacteria through nozzles into the bathtub, invading people's skin and hurts. SPA Spa equipment design and integrated filter consists of fully automatic filtration and continuous disinfection system cycles, efficient ozone disinfection, the silver ions purify the three parts, with the regular use of special additives, SPA Spa equipment managed to keep the water crystal clear, consistent with national industry standards.

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