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Spa General Description

Shanghai Toex Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 02, 2016

Scientific analysis shows that the buoyancy of water reduces a person's weight, not only in the water can make people relaxed, and can help ease the pressure on joints and muscles. SPA Spa equipment design and application of the principles of this science, in person upon entering the Spa equipment, water level can reach people's neck, allowing people to fully enjoy all of the buoyancy of water body and mind relax.
Medical general instructions: when one is immersed in a constant temperature water can make people rise in body temperature and blood vessels expand so as to promote the blood circulation, the human body has played very good physical health effects. SPA hydrotherapy equipment can automatically in room temperature water heated to a preset temperature, and can continue to maintain the set temperature accurately. Sports medicine proved that SPA Spa equipment powerful massage effect, through some mixture of water and air nozzles can be done, its Jet is 10 times normal Jacuzzi. Mixed water with temperature setting and lots of bubble jet and Jet parts and different parts of multifunction rotating nozzle is super massage effect can be achieved, to relax the muscles and release muscle cause muscle soreness, fatigue of the material---endorphins.

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