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Walk-in Kennel

Shanghai Toex Trading Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2016

Walk-in kennel is a customizable indoor pet housing system that can be easily combined with doors, side plates, and optional accessories including feeding bowls, rest beds, top grid, connectors, goods storage bucket, draining ditch cover, and etc. Every walk-in kennel’s design needs the customer’s participation.

Design a walk-in kennel according to the layout of your dwelling place. The first step is to choose a corner that you can use its walls as the side faces of the kennel.

The second step is to design the dimension of the kennel and count the sizes of side panels, doors,feeding doors and etc. The third step is to select the materials, patterns and the optional accessories. Now you have some complex and detailed work to do. There are various material choices. For example, for the front door you can choose stainless steel, high density HDPE, tempered glass, powder coated steel and other materials. The pattern is customizable. For example, you can choose you front door between the guillotine door and swivel door. The accessories are also abundant. Feeding bowls, rest beds ,storage buckets, name card holders, door locks and other accessories are all customizable

The installation of the walk-in kennel is just a procedure of installing screws according to the design. It’s also easy to uninstall the kennel by uninstalling the screws.

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